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SETTLEMENT : Truck crossed over center line on mountain road, killing two people

Every year, semi-truck accidents cause thousands of injuries and fatalities in the United States. Common reasons behind the high number of serious injuries and deaths in semi-truck accidents include the heavy weight of the vehicle and driver fatigue related to the long hours required by many trucking companies. Thanks to advancements in safety technologies and legislature limiting consecutive driver hours, the rates of large truck accidents are declining every year. Yet, there remain a significant amount of semi-truck-related accidents that The Law Offices of Booth & Koskoff take on every year.

A Multi-Fatality Truck Accident

One of the worst accidents accepted by the Booth & Koskoff team settled on February 20, 1987. The case involved the deaths of two men, age 62 and 22, who were driving in separate automobiles and serious injuries to a third man, a 48-year construction worker, driving in a third vehicle. Booth & Koskoff attorneys John Levitt and Jack Skelton represented all three in a civil lawsuit against the employer of the truck driver deemed responsible for the crash.

The multi-vehicle accident occurred when the truck driver crossed over onto the wrong side of a mountain road. During the course of the investigation, the legal team at Booth & Koskoff uncovered evidence that that the truck driver was known to frequently use both amphetamines and marijuana while driving for his employer. It was additionally established that the driver’s employment application lacked the appropriate background information and that truck itself was not operating in proper condition. The truck was determined not to be sound condition and had been overloaded by 7 tons.

Out of Court Settlement

The case settled out of court with the Law Offices of Booth & Koskoff securing $1,750,000 for the plaintiffs. This amount was paid out to the injured construction worker and the families of the deceased, including the 62-year old victim’s 73-year-old widow and 3 adult daughters.

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