$4,000,000 :: Confidential

In late 2018, the Defendant murdered his wife in retaliation for her filing for divorce. Under California law, a husband retains his 50% interest in the community property even if he is convicted of murdering his wife. So the Plaintiffs – the two adult children of the Defendant and the decedent – retained Andrew Pruitt of Booth Law to represent them in a civil matter against the Defendant, in order to prevent him from keeping his share of the community property or from using it to fund his criminal defense.

Booth Law filed a civil action against the Defendant for the wrongful death of the Plaintiffs’ mother and, while the criminal case was pending, obtained a judgment against the Defendant for $4,000,000. Booth Law promptly recorded liens on all the properties the Defendant owned and then filed separate actions to force their sale and enforce the judgment against those proceeds.