$2,250,000 :: Baney

SETTLEMENT : Retired pro baseball pitcher struck by car

Pedestrians have a reasonable expectation of safety when standing and walking along sidewalks. Such was the case when Richard Baney, a former Big League baseball pitcher, was struck by a vehicle whilst standing on a street corner.

The perpetrator had attempted to make a left turn in front of an oncoming vehicle when the two vehicles collided. During the course of the accident, the perpetrator’s vehicle smashed into Baney and pinned his leg against a lamp post.

Emergency personnel rushed Baney to the nearest hospital where doctors were able to save his leg but not without incident. Baney suffered severe cosmetic deformities and extensive circulatory problems. He now walks with a slight limp and must frequently elevate his leg in order to increase circulation and prevent further complications.

Baney hired attorney Lawrence R. Booth of the Law Offices of Booth & Koskoff to represent him against the at-fault driver. In additions to seeking compensation for the immediate medical costs totaling $80,000, the Plaintiff’s legal team sought reparations for future costs as they claimed the injury affected Baney’s future employability.

The two parties agreed to a $2,250,00 settlement to cover Baney’s present and future costs.

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