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Booth & Koskoff began as the Law Offices of Lawrence R. Booth in 1984. Lawrence (Larry) Booth had already been practicing law for 25 years and had established himself as a truly exceptional trial lawyer. He was among the first lawyers elected to the Inner Circle of Advocates, an organization consisting of the top 100 plaintiff’s attorneys in the United States. In 1978, Larry served as President of the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association.

Richard Koskoff, a very successful criminal defense lawyer with over 100 jury trials under his belt, joined the firm in 1985 and soon became one of the top plaintiff’s attorneys in Southern California, achieving many multi-million dollar results. In 1997, both Larry and Richard had the rare honor of being among 11 attorneys nominated for the “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award by the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

Roger Booth, Larry’s son, joined Booth & Koskoff in 1997 after having worked for six years at the largest law firm in California. The following year, he co-tried a case with Richard and obtained his first million-dollar verdict. Since then, he has handled more than 25 cases that have resulted in verdicts or settlements of $1 million or more and has been named a Super Lawyer (an honor limited to the top 5% of attorneys in Southern California) for over 10 years.
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From the beginning, many of our cases have been referrals from other lawyers, who have sought out our expertise and our willingness to invest the time and money necessary to achieve successful results in the most difficult cases. This tradition continues today. We consistently take on challenging cases that other lawyers turn down or cannot handle.

We handle many types of serious injury and wrongful death cases, including a large number of cases involving car accidents. These include not only cases against negligent drivers, but also cases against governmental entities involving dangerous roads and cases against car manufacturers involving defective and dangerous cars. In every car accident case that we take on, we look at every possible means of recovering compensation for our clients.

At Booth & Koskoff, we understand that our role in a serious injury or wrongful death case is about much more than just recovering the most money we can for our clients. Each case represents a profound personal tragedy for the people involved, and our entire office staff is committed to providing whatever assistance we possibly can to help our clients through this difficult process.

We also believe strongly that the civil justice system is an important vehicle for holding corporations, governmental agencies and other organizations accountable for the harm that they cause and helping to prevent further harm from occurring in the future.

In recent years, we have been joined by attorney Carly Sanchez who has brought their own individual strengths that greatly assist us in achieving justice for our clients. Carly was a law clerk at our firm for two years before law school and has been a lawyer at Booth & Koskoff since 2014.

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