California Senator Seeks Investigations of Abuse of Disabled People

Dozens of sexual abuse accusations by disabled residents of mental facilities have prompted a California Senator to take action. Sen. Fran Pavley has called for an investigation into these cases, alleging that the response has been inadequate as of yet.

Despite the increasing number of rape cases, the senator found out that the agency that was supposed to be looking into these crimes, the Office of Protective services, has failed in conducting a single rape exam during the past few years.

“We must put an end to the repeated sexual abuse of men and women with developmental disabilities,” Pavley said. “Residents of large institutions, like developmental centers and state hospitals, are particularly vulnerable because of their isolation and reliance on staff.”

Pavley is drafting the proposal into a bill with the help of groups including Disability Rights California, the Arc of California, United Cerebral Palsy and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

“We applaud Senator Pavley’s leadership in introducing legislation to protect men and women with developmental disabilities in these institutions,” said Sandra Henriquez, executive director of the coalition. “We must mandate effective policies and protocols for vulnerable populations to ensure all individuals are safe and free from sexual violence.” LA Times, 19 Dec 2012.

We hope Pavley’s efforts are successful in finding those responsible for these despicable acts, and preventing future attacks.

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