Auto Accidents
Case Results

$12,000,000 :: Lee v. Fujita
SETTLEMENT: Small child injured in head-on collision
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$10,070,000 :: Gonzalez v. Diana’s Mexican Food
JUDGMENT: Plaintiff hit in intersection by delivery truck
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$5,000,000 :: Zitz-Evancich v. City of Los Angeles
SETTLEMENT: Husband injured and wife killed when rear-ended by City maintenance truck
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$5,000,000 :: Krienke v. Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Bicycle rider struck by large truck
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$4,000,000 :: Romeri/Galvan v. CalTrans, Gosselin Tire Service
SETTLEMENT: Single vehicle accident and wrongful death in Del Norte County, California
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$3,800,000 :: Reneau
SETTLEMENT: Pedestrian struck by bus while crossing street
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$3,000,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Bus crossed over center line and collided with decedent’s car
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$2,250,000 :: Baney
SETTLEMENT: Retired pro baseball pitcher struck by car
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$2,200,000 :: Lopez Case
SETTLEMENT: Auto accident case involving negligent entrustment of company car
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$2,000,000 :: Lee v. Sheehan, Carmichael
SETTLEMENT: Decedent’s car struck by a horse, which may have been frightened by a tiger
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$2,000,000 :: Orr v. Maersk
SETTLEMENT: Oversized load on truck bed struck freeway overpass and landed on plaintiff’s car
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$2,000,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: 24-year-old woman rear-ended on freeway and killed

$1,600,000 :: Wilson v. C. H. Heist
SETTLEMENT: Truck crossed over center line on mountain road, killing two people
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$1,500,000 :: Gardner
SETTLEMENT: 7-year-old hit by car while riding bicycle
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$1,300,000 :: Liang v. UPS
SETTLEMENT: Decedent struck by UPS truck
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$1,275,000 :: Tep v. Stubben North America
SETTLEMENT: Collision in intersection
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$1,250,000 :: Valdez v. California Highway Patrol
SETTLEMENT: Tow truck driver died after being abandoned by CHP officers
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$1,200,000 :: Payne v. USPCI
SETTLEMENT: 13-year-old died in rear-end accident and mother injured
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$1,000,000 :: Jacobs/Daggy v. Seagate Technology
SETTLEMENT: Visitor to U.S. from Ireland drove on wrong side of road and collided with plaintiffs
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