Dangerous Premises
Case Results

$20,200,000. Confidential.

SETTLEMENT: Young boy drowned in swimming pool when he was trapped on pool drain,
and his family brought claims against the pool owner, pool cleaner and pump manufacturer.

$1,500,000. Confidential.

SETTLEMENT: A group of 81 plaintiffs sued a construction contractor for injuries that they sustained over the
course of about two years, as a result of the contractor failing to prevent the spread of large amounts of dust from a
construction project into the plaintiffs’ neighborhood.

$9,400,000 :: Yarnall v. S.K. Management
SETTLEMENT: Fall through roof opening
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$7,000,000 :: Hossain v. Baker Real Estate
SETTLEMENT: Plaintiff burned while using apartment stove
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$6,316,594 :: Patterson v. MGM Resorts
SETTLEMENT: Plaintiffs’ wife and mother was shot and killed at the Route 91 concert in Las Vegas

$2,395,000 :: Baez v. Summit Media
SETTLEMENT: Plaintiff contacted power lines while working on billboard
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$2,190,000 :: DeLaTorre v. Kwan
SETTLEMENT: Multiple deaths in apartment fire
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$2,027,356 :: Todd v. County of L.A.
JURY VERDICT: Sewer cover cracked and caused accident involving bus
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$1,650,000 :: Garcia v. Ortiz Construction
SETTLEMENT: Child struck by car because of poor traffic control on construction project
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$1,400,000 :: Exposito v. State of California
SETTLEMENT: Concrete slab fell off parking structure during earthquake and killed college student
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$1,250,000 :: Spivak
SETTLEMENT: Plaintiff fell in hotel shower
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$1,180,000 :: Laube v. Clear Channel
SETTLEMENT: Plaintiff contacted power lines while working on billboard
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$1,035,000 :: Geibel
SETTLEMENT: Bicycle accident caused by roadway construction
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$1,000,000 :: Childs v. Alpha Beta
JURY VERDICT: Delivery man slipped and fell at supermarket
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