Dangerous Products
Case Results

$20,200,000 :: Confidential.

SETTLEMENT: Young boy drowned in swimming pool when he was trapped on pool drain,
and his family brought claims against the pool owner, pool cleaner and pump manufacturer.

$17,672,135 :: Qualls v. Case Corporation
JURY VERDICT: Plaintiff crushed by loader/backhoe
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$5,062,500 :: Lomeli v. Kalmar Industries
SETTLEMENT: Forklift accident
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$4,000,000 :: Confidential.

SETTLEMENT: Products liability case against dryer manufacturer arising out of mobile home
fire that killed plaintiffs’ 67-year-old mother.

$2,700,000 :: Nunez-Aguirre v. White Cap
SETTLEMENT: Plaintiff fell from scaffolding while on the job
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$1,550,000 :: Aguilar v. Underwriters Laboratories
SETTLEMENT: Defective Christmas tree lights caused fire. Case settled during trial
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$1,519,823 :: Rodriguez v. Anderson Hydraulics
JURY VERDICT: Plaintiff’s hand crushed in concrete block making machine
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$1,000,000 :: Khuat v. Toyota
SETTLEMENT: Forklift accident
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$1,000,000 :: Hutchison
SETTLEMENT: Winch device failed seriously injuring ironworker
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$950,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Construction worker killed after being crushed by loader/backhoe

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