All New Client Testimonials on Our Website


Recently, a number of our clients have been kind enough to give video testimonials about our firm. In our most recent newsletter, we featured two videos from former clients.


John Mahoney sustained multiple severe fractures while working as a rigger at the Hollywood Bowl. Here his wife talks about the challenges that he faced during his deposition and how Richard Koskoff guided him through the process.


Beverly Hubbard contracted a disease called Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis as a result of a medication that she was given during MRI procedures. Here she talks about the process of selecting Roger Booth to handle her case.

You can find more client testimonials on this website. We’ve also created a YouTube account that features more videos of former clients alongside Richard Koskoff and Roger Booth. We hope the videos highlight our strengths as a firm: integrity, personal attention, compassion, and strength during a difficult process.

If you are a former client and would like to give a video or written testimonial, please contact us.