If you were sexually abused or harassed by UCLA gynecologist Dr. James M. Heaps, you should consult with a lawyer about bringing a civil lawsuit.

Don’t trust that the proposed class action settlement will get you fair compensation.

Were you a patient of Dr Heaps?
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If you were a patient of Dr. James Heaps at UCLA and want to discuss any inappropriate or medically unnecessary conduct, we are here to help. We are already representing multiple victims of Dr. Heaps and are dedicated to holding both Dr. Heaps and UCLA financially responsible for the immense harm that they have caused. We are also dedicated to finding out the truth about how this abuse was able to continue for decades and making sure that it doesn’t happen again.

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What happened at UCLA?

Dr. Heaps, an OB/GYN who practiced at UCLA Student Health Center, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and his private office in Westwood, was criminally charged on May 22, 2019 with two counts of sexual battery and one count of sexual exploitation related to two patients whom he sexually abused. 

Hundreds of women have now filed civil lawsuits against Dr. Heaps and UCLA, and more lawsuits are being filed all the time.

Why file a civil lawsuit and what about a class action suit?

You may have heard about a proposed class action settlement that was recently negotiated by UCLA.  We know, from our experience in similar sexual abuse litigation, that for women who were sexually abused or harassed, a class action settlement is not the best approach.  The total dollar figure being paid may seem large, but it must be divided among thousands of women who saw Dr. Heaps, many of whom did not suffer any abuse or harassment at all.  The much better approach is to hire your own personal lawyer who can work to get you the compensation that you truly deserve.

Why should you hire us?

From our first sexual abuse case over 30 years ago, we have successfully resolved many sexual abuse cases in California. We are highly skilled and committed Los Angeles sexual abuse lawyers who are here to help. 

A sexual abuse claim will cost you no out-of-pocket expenses. Our compensation is based on the recovery we obtain.

If you believe we could help you with a sexual abuse claim, contact us for a free evaluation of your case at 310-340-2942.