Ex-Principal Sentenced for Sexual Abuse

New York, NY – Emanuel Yetgukin, 33, a former principal at Elite High School and a volunteer for several Orthodox Jewish camps, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for several counts of sexual abuse.

Yetgukin was convicted last December for 75 counts of sexual abuse, including the abuse of a 7 year old boy. The abuse started in 1996, when Mr. Yetgukin started to fondle the 7 year old son of a family friend. He was also reported to abuse the brother of his first victim. The abuse lasted for years. In 2008, Yetgukin was said to have shown pornography to another boy.

The first two victims neither attended Yetgukin’s school nor any of the camps that he volunteered in.

After Mr. Yetgukin was arrested, police reports show that he seemed to confessed to his crimes.

“The former principal of a Brooklyn yeshiva who had been convicted of sexually abusing three boys over a 10-year period has been sentenced to 55 years in prison.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office said on Thursday that the man, Emanuel Yegutkin, 33, was sentenced after being convicted on multiple sex charges in December.

Mr. Yegutkin was arrested in 2009. He was earlier the principal of Elite High School, a private Jewish school in Bensonhurst.

Prosecutors say Mr. Yegutkin abused two boys, who are brothers but not students at his school, after he became friends with their family.” New York Times, February 7, 2013

The case against Yetgukin was part of a series of sexual abuse cases involving Orthodox Jews. One similar case was filed against Nechemya Weberman, who was accused of molesting a female patient. Charles J. Hynes, the main prosecutor in the said cases, consider the conviction of Yetgukin as a message to those who would or have sexually abused children.

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