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$2,500,000 :: Mikayla O. v. County of Riverside

SETTLEMENT : Two-year-old suffered brain damage while in foster care system.

Richard B. Koskoff, Carly L. Sanchez, and Amy Niven of Booth & Koskoff have secured a settlement of $2.5 million for a toddler who was seriously injured while in the care of the County of Riverside.

The case started when the toddler’s mother was arrested. The child was removed from her mother’s care and placed with a family member, who had trouble adjusting to the child’s special needs and troubled behavior. The family member called a County of Riverside hotline and requested that the toddler be removed from the home. The County of Riverside failed to take immediate action.

Ten days after the request, the toddler was admitted to Loma Linda hospital with traumatic head injuries. Tests revealed damage to her right front lobe and bilateral retinal hemorrhages. Doctors at Loma Linda suspected abusive head trauma. The injuries affect the toddler’s judgment, safety awareness, impulsivity, and executive functioning.

A settlement of $2.5 million was reached by the plaintiff and defendant just two days before trial.

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