$7,000,000 :: Hossain v. Baker Real Estate

SETTLEMENT : Plaintiff burned while using apartment stove

Second and third degree burns over 60% of his body. 3 months of hospitalization. Graft surgeries. Psychotherapy. Scarring. Impotence. Trauma. This is what our client experienced after a faulty stove in his apartment exploded while he was trying to light it, engulfing him and setting his clothes on fire.

In May of 1992, our Plaintiff rented an apartment from the Defendant. From the beginning, the Plaintiff had several issues with lighting the stove. He submitted several complaints about the stove. The site management sent out repairmen to fix the stove, but the equipment continued to malfunction.

The allegedly 30-year-old stove used by the Plaintiff was also in many of the units in the building, 57 in total, and was known to have defects and issues because of age and corrosion. Apartment management reportedly told the residents to use a lighter or match to light the stove burner.

On November 9, 1992, the Plaintiff lit the stove with a piece of paper when it exploded, engulfing him in flames, and setting his clothes on fire. His outfit consisted of a polo shirt and a traditional Bangledeshi garment called a “longhi.” He suffered severe trauma and life-altering injuries, including a three month hospital stay, grafts, impotence, and mental trauma.

The Plaintiff hired our firm to file a claim against the property management companies, owners of the apartment complex, and the garment manufacturer.

Our legal team argued that the accident was primarily caused by a defective stove, which constituted a dangerous condition, and the reluctance of the management team to correctly address the issue. In addition, we argued that the Plaintiff’s injuries were worsened by the lack of sufficient fire retardant protection.

The case settled for $7,000,000 before going to trial. The Defendants split the settlement with the management company at the time of the accident paying $6,800,000 and the garment manufacturer paying $200,000.

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