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$20,200,000 :: Confidential.

SETTLEMENT: Young boy drowned in swimming pool when he was trapped on pool drain, and
his family brought claims against the pool owner, pool cleaner and pump manufacturer.

$14,847,509 :: Does v. City of Santa Monica.

SETTLEMENT: Our firm represented 14 victims who were sexually abused by a police department employee
while participating in the Santa Monica Police Activities League during their childhood.

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$10,000,000 :: Jacquelyn H. v. County of Riverside
SETTLEMENT: Girl was repeatedly raped by her mother’s boyfriend
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$6,000,000 :: Chloe M. v. County of Riverside.

SETTLEMENT: Plaintiff was forced by her father to watch and participatein the torture of her brother,
which eventually lead to his death, and child protective services failed to intervene.

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$5,850,000 :: Does v. University of California
SETTLEMENT: Our firm represented seven women who were sexually abused and harassed by a UCLA gynecologist
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$4,000,000 :: Anthony E. v. County of San Bernardino
SETTLEMENT: Two young boys suffered sexual abuse while in foster care system
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$3,100,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Fall through roof opening

$2,500,000 :: MaGee v. Challenge – Cook Brothers, Inc.
SETTLEMENT: Construction worker killed in accident that his father witnessed
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$2,150,000 :: Confidential
JUDGMENT: Two teenage boys molested by teacher
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$1,500,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Brain-injured child sexually abused in hospital

$1,400,000 :: Exposito v. State of California
SETTLEMENT: Concrete slab fell off parking structure during earthquake and killed college student
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$1,375,000 :: Gail C. v. County of Riverside
SETTLEMENT: Two-year-old girl subjected to severe neglect
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$1,300,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Brain-injured woman molested in hospital

$1,200,000 :: Payne v. USPCI
SETTLEMENT: 13-year-old died in rear-end accident and mother injured
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$1,175,000 :: Jane Doe v. City of Monterey Park.

SETTLEMENT: Police officer sexually assaulted plaintiff during a traffic stop.

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$1,000,000 :: Veronica S. v. County of Riverside

 SETTLEMENT: A teenage girl was raped and kidnapped by her mother’s boyfriend.

$900,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Developmentally delayed woman raped by paratransit driver

$850,000 :: Confidential
SETTLEMENT: Woman witnessed death of fiancé in crash caused by defective tire

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