$7,000,000 :: Kuykendall and Mahoney

SETTLEMENT : Fall from scaffolding at The Hollywood Bowl

On November 4, 2002, our plaintiffs, Sean Kuykendall, 29, and John Mahoney, 55, were operating as employees of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association as a carpenter and rigger. The two men were responsible for the dismantling of a structural tower located on a stage at the Hollywood Bowl. The more than 45-foot tower had speakers, video screens, and lighting fixtures attached to it.

During the dismantling, Sean, at the request of his supervisor, removed a ratchet strap from a structural beam, which caused the beam to shift under his feet. Sean fell 45 feet to the ground, while Mahoney, who was working underneath the beam, was struck and fell 35 feet to the ground.

Kuykendall was hospitalized for more than a month and was released for rehabilitation. He is permanently wheelchair-bound and requires assistance performing routine household tasks. His initial care cost $600,000 in treatment. Mahoney suffered multiple fractures on his right femur and hip, as well as ongoing physical pain and a knee replacement. He walks with a cane. His initial care cost $150,000 in treatment.

The plaintiffs were awarded a total of $7 million.

You can hear more about John and Rosemary Mahoney’s ordeal and court process via their testimonial on our website.

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