$1,300,000 :: Liang v. UPS

SETTLEMENT : Decedent struck by UPS truck

On July 9, 1993, Liang, a truck driver in his mid-40s, was driving across a California intersection when his vehicle was broadsided by a UPS truck. Liang was killed upon accident.

The decedent had recently been married and he and his newly betrothed had an infant son together. Liang had a college degree in journalism, but at the time of his death was working a string of lower wage jobs, including that of truck driver for which he was earning less than $12,000 per year.

Liang’s widow hired Lawrence R. Booth and Donald J. Beck of Booth & Koskoff to represent herself and her infant son in a wrongful death lawsuit against UPS.

The plaintiffs brought forward evidence showing that the driver of the UPS truck had been speeding at the time of the accident and had run a red light. In rebuttal, the defense argued that the decedent was not wearing a seatbelt and that may have contributed to his death. However, liability was not seriously contested and the case settled out of court.

Attorneys representing UPS made an initial settlement offer of $1,000,000 to which Booth & Koskoff countered with $2,000.000. The case ultimately settled in the decedent’s favor for $1,300,000.

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