Were you a victim of abuse at MacLaren Children's Center?
Opened in 1961 as a temporary shelter for children awaiting placement in a foster home, MacLaren Children’s Center operated until 2003 when it was shut down after lawsuits alleged that staff had physically abused dozens of residents and that the facility routinely failed to properly care for children with emotional and behavioral problems.

The 2001 grand jury report also found the DCFS was failing to conduct timely investigations into misconduct allegations against staff, leaving dozens of claims of child abuse unchecked.

We are here to help victims of sexual and physical abuse and hold perpetrators accountable.
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From our first sexual abuse case over 30 years ago, we have successfully resolved many such cases throughout California, including cases against the Department of Child Protective Services, DCPA and universities such as USC and UCLA. Visit our related physical and sexual abuse cases.

A sexual abuse claim will cost you no out-of-pocket expenses. Our compensation is based solely on a percentage of the recovery we obtain.

If you believe we could help you with a sexual abuse claim, contact us for a free evaluation of your case at 310-340-2942.