Were you a sexual abuse victim of athletic trainer Scott Shaw at San Jose State?

Source: USA Today and CBS

The U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has recently completed an investigation into San Jose State’s handling of complaints, dating back to 2009, that its Director of Sports Medicine Scott Shaw sexually abused athletes who had come to him for treatment. Students alleged that Shaw inappropriately touched their breasts, genitals and buttocks under the ruse of conducting what Shaw described as “trigger-point” or “pressure-point” therapy.

The DOJ has concluded that the university mishandled the complaints of sexual abuse against Shaw and that this constituted a violation of federal civil rights law Title IX. The university itself has now admitted that Shaw molested students and is conducting its own investigation into why it did not act upon its student-athlete's complaints. In addition, the FBI is in the midst of an ongoing criminal investigation into Shaw’s actions.

The DOJ has identified 23 specific women who were abused by Shaw, but Shaw treated approximately 1,000 women at San Jose State between 2006 and 2020, so the actual number of victims is likely much higher than 23.

The DOJ has arranged for the university to pay $125,000 to some of the victims. In our opinion, as experienced sexual abuse attorneys, that is a paltry sum that does not begin to compensate victims for this extreme violation of their trust, which can have lifelong effects. 
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