Third Party Cases

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Dear Workers’ Comp Attorneys,

At Booth & Koskoff, we have decades of experience handling the most difficult 3rd party cases involving catastrophic injuries and death. We have repeatedly success finding 3rd party liability where other lawyers have not. We have achieved over 80 seven and eight figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

Our firm has worked with applicant’s attorneys across California, and we understand the unique issues involved when an injured worker pursues a workers’ comp claim and a 3rd party case simultaneously. We are always mindful of protecting our client’s workers’ comp benefits and resolving any and all credit issues.

Our partnership with applicant’s attorneys have resulted in millions of dollars in compensation for injured workers and very substantial referral fees.

Together we can obtain real justice for injured workers in California.

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Premises Liability

Injury was caused by dangerous conditions on premises owned or controlled by a third party. Any serious accident on premises that are not owned or controlled by the employer should be carefully investigated for potential third party liability.

Sample Result: Yarnall v. S.K. Management; $9,400,000. Plaintiff fell through unprotected roof opening while performing a roof repair estimate.

Related Entity Liability

Injury was caused by person or entity that is related to (but separate from) applicant’s employer and serves a separate function from employer.

Sample Result: Ruiz; $2,625,000. Plaintiff paralyzed after being crushed by a defective cart designed and maintained by the parent company of his employer.

Auto Accident

Worker in the course and scope of employment was injured by the negligence of another driver. Also, don’t forget possible liability of auto manufacturer for design defect or governmental entity for dangerous road condition.

Sample Result: Lee v. Sheehan; $2,000,000. Decedent’s car struck by a horse, which may have been frightened by a tiger that had escaped from an animal sanctuary.

Products Liability

Injury was caused by defective product (e.g., industrial machine) designed by third party manufacturer.

Sample Result: Qualls v. Case Corporation; $17,672,135. Plaintiff crushed by a defectively designed loader/backhoe.

Construction Site Accident

Landowner, general contractor or subcontractor created dangerous condition which lead to applicant’s injury. Requires a creative approach in light of changes in the law.

Sample Result: Salas Family; $4,345,000. Roofer fell 13 feet when defective wooden beam broke.

For a full list of results, please click here.

Miscellaneous Negligence

Third party created dangerous condition or otherwise caused accident.

Sample Result: Bennett v. Kinney Shoes; $5,784,572. Security guard shot and paralyzed by armed robber while making bank deposit for store where he was assigned to work.